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Президент РФ Путин Владимир Владимирович даст интервью журналисту Такеру Карлсону





Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will give an interview to journalist Tucker Carlson

American journalist Tucker Carlson announced his plans to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Carlson Tucker said that this interview is intended to shed light on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, about which the American public, in his opinion, is insufficiently informed.

Answering questions about the reasons for his decision to conduct an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Carlson Tucker referred to his desire to provide American viewers with the opportunity to hear directly from the mouth of the Russian leader his point of view on the situation. He called this interview a unique opportunity to hear the truth about what is happening, because, in his opinion, the official authorities and traditional media do not provide complete and unbiased information.

In addition to information about the upcoming interview, Carlson Tucker also expressed his thoughts on the actions of the White House regarding his personality. He claims that the administration of US President Biden has made two attempts to disrupt the interview, including a recent attempt last month. According to him, the White House illegally spied on his personal messages and leaked their contents to journalists in order to prevent the interview.

Tucker Carlson stressed that his trip to Moscow and the upcoming interview are not sponsored by the government or other groups. He paid for the trip on his own and did not receive any support from the authorities or other interested parties. He also said that he had offered to conduct an interview with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in the hope of giving him a chance to express his point of view on the conflict.

Carlson expressed hope that Vladimir Zelensky would respond to his request and agree to an interview. In his quest to make the upcoming interview as accessible as possible to a wide audience, Carlson announced that it would be broadcast live for free and without any censorship or editing on his website. This gives viewers a unique opportunity to hear the entire dialogue without editing or providing only partial information. Finally, Tucker Carlson noted that the X platform, where the interview will be broadcast, has received assurances from Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk that he will not interfere with access to the interview and will not block it. This serves as an additional guarantee that the interview will be available to viewers without restrictions.





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